You've Been Warmed

Easily Digestible Climate Change Education On YouTube w/ Dave Borlace, Host of 'Just Have A Think'

Episode Summary

Dave Borlace from 'Just Have A Think' joins the show to discuss his growing Climate Change YouTube Channel, the individual changes he's made to his life to reduce his own emissions, our path to net-zero emissions and much more.

Episode Notes

Today's You've Been Warmed episode welcomes Dave Borlace - a growing YouTube star when it comes to the climate change conversation.

Dave produces videos on his YouTube Channel - Just Have A Think - where he educates his over 50,000 subscribers on various topics related to climate change. The reason his content is so valuable is because he manages to condense heavy amounts of information into medium-sized videos - about 10-15 minutes long - which are easily digestible.

Not everybody can read scientific papers and synthesize information, and not everybody has the time to research as much. I'm personally a big fan of his channel, having watched a lot of the content and found amazing insights in his videos detailing the IPCC 1.5 degree report, nuclear technology or the latest developments in battery tech.

It was a pleasure to speak to Dave about his channel and his content creation process. We also dove deep into the individual changes he made to offset his own emissions, how important social movements are to creating lasting change, the difference between the Western world and developing countries when it comes to climate change, as well as the Nuclear vs Renewables debate.

We also produced a video version of this episode which is available on Dave's YouTube channel - unfortunately I managed to only record his screen, so you won't be able to see me. Hopefully I'll learnt my lesson for the next video interview I do.

I highly recommend watching or listening to the interview and definitely consider subscribing to Dave's channel and becoming a Patron - supporting high quality content around climate change will help him dedicate more time and educate more people about this crucial topic.


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3:40 - Dave's Background, How He Learned About Climate Change & Started His YouTube Channel

10:30 Dave's Content creation process

17:40 - Individual Changes That Reduce Emissions - How Easy Are They To Implement?

27:50 - What About Systemic Change From Collective Action?

33:10 - Western Nations vs The Developing World

38:25 - The Path To Net-Zero Emissions - How Do We Get There?

44:24 - The Nuclear vs Renewables Debate

55:04 - Business vs Science vs Politics vs Society


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